team red jet

The man behind the lens…and the bubble machine! His meticulous attention to detail is legendary. His legal name may be Jeff, but he’s often called MacGyver. He’ll respond to either.

Bubble JeffSUE FEIL-ERWIN – OWNER & BUSINESS  MANAGER                                               The woman behind the man behind the lens. Sue truly is the heart and soul of red jet films! Without her, we would eat microwaved meals and drink water with our lunch. How boring is that?
Sue toast

CARLY CHAMPOUX – PRODUCER / GIRL FRIDAY GOFER GET ‘ER DONE GIRL    Helping keep the man behind the lens and the woman behind the business sane on a daily basis. She’s a “norganizer” and really nosy…two attributes that make her a great producer.

carly hands up

RYAN HORNER – EDITOR / SHOOTER / EYE CANDY                                                    Technically, Ryan owns his own company – Peg Leg Pictures. But since his office is at red jet, he’s basically one of us. Besides being super talented, Sue & Carly particularly like having him around for technical support and other stuff…RYAN

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