Mo’ MōVI, less problems

Yesterday’s shoot at Cellnetix Laboratories was filled with enough science to totally bring out the nerd in us.

We filmed some fluorescent DNA, checked out a genetic sequencing machine and analyzed whether a human body can absorb a burrito the size of its head.

It can.

The coolest moment of the day however, was watching Jeff operate the MōVI in the lab.  Unlike the complex setup of a Steadicam, Jeff had the whole apparatus up and balanced in under 15 minutes! We took beautiful moving shots around the lab – giving some idea of the flow of the workplace. These shots will be featured in the upcoming Cellnetix movie.

Enjoy these snaps for now and keep your eyes peeled for the final piece.

Action shot!

All right, mr. red jet, I’m ready for my close up.

Reviewing the footage....

Reviewing the footage….


*Shot with a Canon 6D with a Canon 24 mm Cineprime lens. We shot in Cinema Look for an easier color grading match to our Sony F-55.