The World Vision Experience

Jeff & Ryan traveled to Tanzania to produce several videos for The World Vision Experience. The Experience brings the sights and sounds of Africa to cities across America—all in the trailer of a mobile semi-truck. It’s equipped with multiple screens to guide visitors through an astonishing story of change as seen through the eyes of 13-year-old Babayetu and his community.

The guests travel on a bus ride down the roads of Tanzania, get an up-close glimpse of what it’s like to live in poverty and discover proven solutions that help families build a better life. As the truck tours the country, local communities will receive an experiential look at global need and be provided with a simple, proven way to respond through World Vision.

Accomplishing the task of creating all the videos for the truck was quite the “experience” in itself. Thanks to some creative thinking, custom MacGyver made tools, 8 GoPro™ cameras and the ability to eat goat and spaghetti Bolognese for days on end, the guys accomplished their task.

Check out the Kisongo Trek trailer here: Truck

Inside the BusSensors allow you to experience the weight of the water that this young girl must carry every single day from a distant water source to her village. When you pick up the pail and feel it’s weight, she also picks up the heavy pail. When you set it down, she puts it down and rests.Longer Water Shot   BeekeeperKristie and Paul