Get to the Chopper!!

Our illustrious colleague Ryan Horner, owner and director of PegLeg Pictures, recently purchased a DJI Phantom Vision 2+ Quadcopter with a Gimbal action camera – and he let us play with it!

Holy moly. What a fun toy.

Capable of taking 14MB stills and 190×1080 HD video, this winged dragon can soar as high as 1,000 feet up and as far as a mile away – so long as you have a GPS satellite connection. Should you lose the connection, it will come right back to it’s base.

The Phantom communicates directly to your smartphone with no delay in the feed. It also has a unique straight downward bird’s eye perspective that is not recommended for those suffering from vertigo, but is breathtaking for everyone else.

A cool way to grab footage you can’t get using conventional photography – and you don’t have to mortgage an arm and a leg to rent a chopper.

Here’s a couple of snaps for you. Video to come.

Captain Ryan Horner flies the Phantom.

Captain Ryan Horner flies the Phantom.

Phantom menace? Or Phantom Quadcopter? You decide.

Phantom Menace? Or Phantom Quadcopter? You decide.